Success Stories

Our Success Stories

At MS Consultants, we believe an engineering-based approach to cost segregation is more thorough and effective than any other method, and we’ve got the track record to back it up. Our specialists bring over 100 years of combined experience to the table and are backed by nationally recognized tax experts.

MSC Team

When our expertise is applied with our methodology, the results can’t be beat.

MSC has been retained by real estate clients to correct oversights and errors made by our national competitors in their cost segregation studies. Our team has saved clients tens of millions of dollars over our competitors thanks to the simple fact that our studies are more thorough. Our engineering-based approach is the preferred cost segregation method of the IRS & our studies hold up exceedingly well in audits.

Here are just a few examples where we were able to help our clients realize additional savings over our competitors:

Shopping Center

shopping center
Franchise Lease

Quick Service Restaurant

New Construction—$1.1M

Nursing Home



Hotel Chain

Through a de minimis study, MSC was able to identify over $800,000 eligible for an immediate write off
MSC Hotel

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