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$5.1 billion in client savings built on a foundation of trust and expertise. MSC is one of the largest independent providers of cost segregation studies in the United States.

MSC specializes in identifying tax saving strategies for property owners and real estate developers through cost segregation and energy efficiency studies.

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Why Choose MSC, one of the largest independent providers of cost segregation studies in the U.S.?

For more than 25 years, the MSC team has developed long-lasting business relationships based on our unwavering commitment to the best interests of all our clients. We combine impeccable client service with unparalleled real estate income tax expertise to deliver a customer experience based on shared trust and mutual success. We have completed more than 23,500 studies and we are exceptionally proud of our impressive repeat customer rate that includes over 540 clients. Why? Our clients know that working with MSC is like working with loyal business partners who clearly understand your challenges and goals and consistently deliver accurate, innovative cost saving strategies and reports.

What We Do

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Cost Segregation Studies

Whatever your real estate assets: new construction, recent acquisition, improvements to an existing structure or leasehold improvements, there are substantial tax benefits that can be gained through Cost Segregation Studies.

1031 Exchanges

Cost segregation studies and 1031 Exchanges are two of the most valuable tax strategies available to real estate owners today. MSC professionals often utilize a strategy that combines both tools.

Tangible Property Regulations

Over the last 10 years, there has been over 1,000 pages of new tax law that affects Real Estate Owners or businesses that own a lot of fixed assets. At MS Consultants, we have been on the cutting edge of these changes.

Energy & Efficiency Studies

Deducting your energy-efficient commercial properties can lead to significant cost savings. MS Consultants helps building owners& CPAs take advantage of the EPAct §179D or §45L.

Qualified Improvement Properties

Qualified Improvement Property (QIP) refers to any non-structural interior improvement to an existing building that is non-residential property. QIP applies to leased spaces as well as self-owned property.

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