Cost Segregation Professionals for CPA Firms

Expand your CPA services with the highest quality cost segregation studies in the industry.

Attract new clients, retain existing ones, and maximize tax benefits with our detailed asset management tools and lifetime audit protection.

We work with over 300 CPA firms nationwide – ranging in size from Top 20 Firms to the Sole Practitioner and every size firm in between. Why not your firm?

Expand your CPA services with risk-free cost segregation studies.

Cost Segregation for Hotels

Benefits of Offering Cost Segregation

Given the complexities of cost segregation and the manpower that is often required to offer accurate and thorough reports,

Attract New Clients – Stand out by offering advanced tax benefits, especially appealing to real estate clients. Deliver comprehensive services that other firms can’t compete with.

Retain Clients – Enhance client satisfaction by significantly reducing their tax liabilities. Keep them from looking around for services by being their one-stop place for tax savings.

Why Work with MS Consultants

We stand behind our Studies

We handle all audit inquiries and documentation, providing complimentary lifetime audit protection. Our Team’s CPAs have over 100 years of combined tax experience!. Even 3115s are prepared and signed by us.

We don’t oversell, we overperform

Our income tax projections for you and your client are conservative in estimated savings, then we overperform with the actual Study! So you know when we give you a projection, this is the projected savings “floor”, not the “ceiling”. Your clients will be happy with the results!

Fixed Asset Detail

Receive detailed asset management tools to optimize depreciation and manage assets effectively.

In-Person Site Visits

Being on a client’s premises is recommended by the IRS and means we are able to uncover the maximum tax savings opportunities. In-person expertise means top-quality reports and no money left on the table.

Component Valuation

Our detailed methodology ensures every property component is valued and classified accurately.

Updated Tax Code Compliance

We stay on top of tax code changes, reducing your burden and ensuring maximum deductions for your clients.

Quality Assurance

With over 24,000 studies completed nationwide, our experience ensures reliable and beneficial results.


Since being founded in 1996, we have accumulated over 250 years of combined Tax and construction experience on our team and are one of the longest standing cost segregation firms in the country.

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