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We Offer a Wide Range of Services to Help Find Tax-Saving Opportunities for Our Clients

For more than 25 years, the MSC team has developed long-lasting business relationships based on our unwavering commitment to the best interests of all our clients. We combine impeccable client service with unparalleled real estate income tax expertise to deliver a customer experience based on shared trust and mutual success.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Our clients know that we’ll be there when they need us—and just as importantly, we won’t burden them with aspects of their projects that they don’t have time for.

At MS Consultants, our people make all the difference. The mix of engineering, tax, and consulting experience our consultants offer is equaled only by our commitment to developing and maintaining long-term professional relationships with our clients. We’re not only looking for solutions that will show benefits now—we want to continue saving money for you and your real estate clients for years to come.

Areas of Expertise

Apartment Buildings

Apartment Buildings

Apartments have range of opportunities for savings through Cost Segregation Studies.

Office Buildings

Office Buildings

All office buildings have opportunities for cost segregation.

cost segregation lease space

Franchisee Lease Space

We’ve got the experience and expertise to handle any building you can think of.

MSC Team

A new look. A renewed commitment.

It’s true. The only constant is change. Many of you already know MS Consultants as MSC. We’re proud of our heritage and think it’s time to update our company identity to align with our position as one of the nation’s most trusted real estate income tax-savings consultants. For more than 25 years, MS Consultants (MSC) has evolved to keep pace with the complex landscape of changing real estate income tax law. Our new look reflects our renewed commitment to continue to deliver innovative, cost-saving tax strategies with unparalleled personal service to meet our clients’ changing needs.

At MSC, we’re optimistic about the future. That optimism drives us to meet change head-on and to forge strong business relationships built on shared trust and mutual success.

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