Real Estate Tax Deductions & Opportunities

A Complimentary Real Estate Tax Cheat Sheet

With over 250 years of combined experience on our team here at MS Consultants, we’ve identified several opportunities and pitfalls that can greatly impact real estate owners at tax time.

In this cheat sheet created specifically for CPAs, we’ll pinpoint exactly what to look for so you can save your clients money and become their hero!

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Real Estate Tax Deductions Saving Your Client Money

This cheat sheet will pinpoint exactly what to look for so you can save your clients money:

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Roger Upton

About the Author

Roger Upton has been with MS Consultants since the beginning. Roger has helped MS Consultants grow to become one of the largest providers of Cost Segregation Studies in the country, having performed over 20,000 studies since 1996. Roger’s client list includes publicly traded companies, members of Retail Traffic’s Top 100 Owners, members of Forbes Top 400 Richest Americans, and even royal families—along with thousands of individual and small business real estate owners. He has written commentary and has regular conversations with the IRS’s Chief Counsel regarding various Real Estate income tax issues, including the Tangible Property Regulations, Sec. 199A, Sec. 163(j) and the changes with Qualified Improvement Property. His involvement with the Tangible Property rules led Roger to author the book, “Tangible Property Regulations Survival Kit – A How-to Manual”.