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New R&D Tax Credit for Texas

Governor Rick Perry signed into law the new Texas Research & Development (R&D) tax credit.

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Accountant Wins Miss USA

Who said accounting wasn't exciting? The new Miss USA was crowned recently, and Erin Brady, an accountant from Connecticut, showed that brains and beauty are an unbeatable combination.

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Senate Passes Online Sales Tax Legislation

The Senate has passed the Marketplace Fairness Act, a somewhat controversial bill which attempts to make it easier for states to collect sales tax from online purchases.

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IRS Issues Gentle Reminder to Taxpayers with Foreign Assets

Apparently in response to the furor stirred up over the news of Apple, Inc’s savvy maneuvering in avoiding paying $7.7 billion in taxes in 2011 alone, the IRS has released a gentle reminder that US citizens and resident aliens “may have a US tax liability and a filing requirement in 2013.”

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Werfel Named Acting IRS Commissioner

President Obama has named Daniel Werfel as Acting IRS Commissioners.

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