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Expert Tax Insights for the Real Estate Market

Expert Tax Insights for the Real Estate Market

Sustainable Tax Credits for the Real Estate Market

  • It pays to go green in the real estate market! For businesses and contractors that are committed to sustainability in property development or utilizing energy efficient products, there are federal incentives and tax credits available that can help businesses save money in the long run – including the Section 45L Energy Efficient Credit and the Commercial Solar Investment Tac Credit (ITC).

The Final Regulations of Section 1031 Exchanges and Tax Implications

  • As we are in the midst of tax season, reporting 1031 exchanges is crucial. A 1031 exchange must be reported in the tax year initiated, not the year completed. If the 1031 is not completed by year end, you cannot file your tax return until the exchange is completed, which means you may have to go on extension.

The Six Income Tax “Must-Knows” for Real Estate Owners

  • There are many considerations real estate property owners need to be aware of and consider – especially when it comes to tax season. S Consultants can break down the six important income tax income items to be aware of including the Build Back Better Income Tax proposal, Qualified Improvement Property (QIP), De Minimis Safe Harbor and more.

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