November 10, 2022

Veteran’s Day Employee Spotlight: Ed Green

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we are highlighting one of our newest MS Consultants (MSC) team members, Edward (Ed) Green. Ed is currently a Cost Segregation Analyst at MSC, however, prior to starting this role, he served as a Navy Corpsman for over 11 years.

In his time in the military, Ed developed many relevant and transferable skills including a strong work ethic, how to work in a team environment, and attention to detail. He also gained the knowledge to handle privacy sensitive data, all of which will be important in his new role. Prior to the military, Ed worked in the Construction industry, which has also built a foundation for his role as an MSC Analyst.

After over a decade, and careful consideration, Ed decided he was ready to take a chance in a different career and apply some of the skills he had learned in the military, as well as his prior career in the construction industry, to something new. Given his background, the position at MSC was the perfect fit.

Ed looks forward to refreshing his “office work” side, sharpening his Excel skills, and learning new skills at MSC.

Thank you for your service and welcome to MS Consultants, Ed!