About Us

MS Consultants offers a wide range of services to help find tax-saving opportunities for our clients. Just who are our clients? In some cases we work directly with real estate owners themselves, in others, we work for their CPAs — making us the trusted advisor for the trusted advisors.

We take a great deal of pride not only in the elite level of service we’re able to provide, but in maintaining close relationships with our clients. Our clients turn to us for the expertise we offer in several taxation and real estate fields:

• Cost Segregation Studies
• 179D Federal Tax Deduction Analysis
• 45L Tax Credit Analysis
• Energy Consulting (including LEED® green building certification)
• Repair vs. Capitalization Analysis
• Fixed Asset Reviews
• Tenant Space Abandonment & Improvement Studies
• Research and Development Tax Incentives

However, the fact that 80 percent of our business comes from returning clients has as much to do with the way we provide our services as it does with the services themselves. Our clients know that we’ll be there when they need us—and just as importantly, we won’t burden them with aspects of their projects that they don’t have time for.

With the Turnkey Process we apply to cost segregation studies, our clients don’t have to spend a minute more on their study than is absolutely necessary—our consultants take control of the process from start to finish, even preparing and signing Form 3115. At the same time, we’re always just a phone call or an email away when our clients do need us. As cliché as it may sound, we go out of our way to ensure that each and every client feels as though they’re our only client when we’re working on a project for them.

So take a look around the site, get to know our management team, and if you’re curious as to what cost segregation can do for you or your real estate clients, check out our cost segregation calculator for a rough estimate of the tax deferment benefits that could be generated. And if you’d like to speak to one of our consultants or request a meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.