Turnkey Process

When our clients turn to us for cost segregation studies, they do so secure in the knowledge that they’re getting the most complete, accurate study in the industry.  Not only that, but they can relax, knowing that they’ll only have to be involved in the project as much or as little as they want to be. We recognize that our CPA and real estate clients have plenty of other matters taking up their time, and they’re hiring us to take care of the cost segregation—that’s why we use our Turn-Key Process for all of our studies.

Our Turnkey Process minimizes or completely eliminates:

• the time you or your client need to spend on the project;
• your need to research the technical tax issues;
• the amount of paperwork you or your client will need to prepare.

From the engagement letter to the information gathering to the site visit, all the way through the completion of the report and the preparation and signing of Form 3115 (if catching up on missed depreciation), we take care of everything.

To date, our Turnkey Process has resulted in over 7,000 studies completed and handed over to satisfied clients, with reports ready to confer major tax benefits to our clients—all they need to do is “turn the key.”

If you’d like to learn more about how easy it is to let MS Consultants conduct a cost segregation analysis for you, contact one of our consultants today and schedule a meeting.