Tools & Resources

In this section you’ll find a variety of information, tools, and resources that may be helpful whether you’re an experienced CPA, a real estate owner, or just someone curious about the ins and outs of real estate tax issues.

• Our cost segregation calculator will give you a rough estimate of the potential tax benefits of a cost segregation study on your building. Just enter in the basic required information about the property (no personal or identifying information needed), and see what comes back. Bear in mind that this is only a rough estimate—cost segregation studies require thorough research including site visits and examination of plans as well as technical and financial documents: it’s entirely possible that a full study could discover significantly more savings than our calculator estimates.
• Check out Cost Segregation 101 for a brief rundown of background and procedure of a cost segregation study. From the legal precedent that established cost segregation as a common practice to the steps involved in a cost segregation study, this is the essential primer for anyone wondering what, exactly, cost segregation is.
• In our Audit Techniques Guide (ATG) section, we offer brief plain-language interpretations of the IRS’ guides for both cost segregation and repair vs. capitalization analysis. We also have links to the original ATGs on the IRS’ site, so you can go as in-depth as  you like.
• Our links page offers connections to a variety of informational and regulatory sites where our readers can find a wealth of information on tax and real estate issues.

And if you’d like any other information, or if your questions aren’t answered by anything here in our resources section, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.