Strategic Advantage

In order to conduct a thorough cost segregation study with the most accurate findings, a substantial amount of high-level research and work must be done. Some firms conduct cost segregation studies based on cost estimates, models, or residual estimations—methods that the IRS allows but warns against, as their results can be wildly inaccurate.

MS Consultants, on the other hand, utilizes an engineering-based approach, the IRS' preferred method of cost segregation studies. We conduct a thorough physical inspection of the property and all available blueprints, technical specifications, contracts, job orders, invoices, and any other available information on the property.

In the IRS' Cost Segregation Audit Technique Guide, they call the approach used by MS Consultants “the most methodical and accurate approach, relying on solid documentation and minimal estimation.” Because of our thorough approach to cost segregation studies and our established track record of finding savings missed by other methods, our clients can rest easy knowing that MS Consultants’ studies not only stand up to audits and reviews, but produce the most extensive tax benefits possible. In fact, we’re so confident in our studies that we offer complete audit support as part of our 3R Approach.

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