A Cost Segregation Study is only as strong as the method that's applied and the report that's generated. That's why MS Consultants' studies hold up so well: our reports are the result of our IRS-preferred engineering-based approach. Not only does our approach stand up to examinations the best, but it's also the most thorough, and routinely finds savings for our clients that our competitors miss.

Our reports follow the IRS’s Audit Technique Guide, and include all principle elements called for in a quality cost segregation report. From the breakdown of assets and the schedule of costs to the descriptions of the study procedure and the supporting documentation, our reports offer exactly what IRS examiners are looking for in a quality report—which is why our studies have performed so well in audits over the years.

If you’d like a sample report for your type of property, or if you’d like to set up a meeting with one of our consultants to get a better idea of what our cost segregation studies can do for you, contact us today.