Our Services

MS Consultants is a full-service consulting company for all issues related to real estate taxation. From cost segregation to energy consulting and everything in between, MS Consultants is a one-stop shop for CPAs and their real estate clients. With MS Consultants you never have to worry about a convoluted string of subcontractors: we have the experience and expertise on all applicable tax and real estate issues to do everything in-house.

Our experienced staff of experts and our ability to conduct the most detailed studies in the industry keeps our clients happy, but it’s our unsurpassed service and our driving motivation to give each and every client the respect and attention they deserve that keeps them coming back. Over 80 percent of our business is from returning clients.

Our clients turn to us, again and again, for a range of services:

  • Cost Segregation Studies: Our experts conduct the most accurate, detailed studies in the industry. We not only give our clients the greatest tax benefits, but the greatest protection from audits.
  • 179D Federal Tax Deduction Analysis: We’ve helped our clients realize tax deductions as high as $1.80 per square foot for their energy-efficient commercial buildings.
  • 45L Credit Analysis: Our engineering experts and tax professionals have helped clients save thousands of dollars with the energy efficient home credit.
  • Energy Consulting: from LEED® green building certification to solar installation analysis to waste management improvements; our consultants can help you save money while you save the environment.
  • Tenant & Space Abandonment/Improvement: Much like cost segregation studies, abandonment studies identify underappreciated assets at the termination of tenant leases, offering substantial tax benefits that are often missed.
  • Fixed Asset Reviews: Much like cost segregation studies but with broader scope, we examine all of a client’s fixed assets for potential tax benefits.
  • Capitalization vs. Repair Analysis: We apply our technical and tax expertise to help clients determine whether the capitalization or deduction of expenditures will produce the greatest tax benefit—including writing off disposed structural items according to IRS guidelines.
  • Research & Development Tax Incentives: We help clients recoup the money they've spent improving their products, processes, and properties.

There aren’t many firms in the country that offer the range of services we do, and none can match our expertise, our professionalism, or our results. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you or your real estate clients.