Philip Mann explains Cost Segregation Studies and their benefits. With over 15 years' experience and thousands of studies performed, Phil and MS Consultants are uniquely qualified in the area. Cost Segregation Studies can help building owners realize substantial tax savings.


David Fabian explains yet another benefit to going green: the significant tax deductions that building owners can realize when their buildings are energy efficient. Through §179D of the 2005 EPAct, qualifying buildings can generate tax deductions as high as $1.80 per square foot of the building.

  Roger Upton explains the basics of repair vs. capitalization analysis. This is a particularly tricky area of real estate tax, as the IRS has issued multiple rulings on the subject. With Roger's expertise and years of experience with the issue—he's one of only a handful of experts who've responded to the IRS each time they've issued new regulations—he's ideally suited to break down this complicated issue.